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                                          WELCOME TO SSE
                                          The School of Software Engineering
                                          Chongqing University


                                          Welcome to the School of Software Engineering at Chongqing University. The department administers Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering programs focusing on operating systems, compilers, distributed computation, networks, numerical analysis and scientific computing, data structures, algorithm design, cryptography, graph theory, artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, databases, information systems, graphics, animation, distributed computing and multimedia with a strong emphasis in communication and cooperation in a team both in Chinese and English.

                                          We are committed to providing an excellent undergraduate and graduate education in the exciting field of software engineering. For more information about the school, click here

                                          News and Events

                                          Chinese New Year

                                          The School of Software Engineering would like to wish all its faculty and students a happy new year. Let us look forward to it with happy anticipation. In the bright new year of the pig, let us pursue success and happiness as always.

                                          Professor Song Xiaoyu from Portland Universtiy lectures at SSE

                                          On December 20th. Professor Song Xiaoyu held a wonderful lecture for the software college students at the HuXi campus. In the lecture, professor Song explained software technology, applications and development prospects and other topics. For more information click here

                                          SSE wins award by the Ministry of Education

                                          In the most recent evaluation of software engineering schools by the Ministry of Education in 2006, the School of Software Engineering, Chongqing University was rated as the top software engineering school in western China.


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